art in the studio.

these were originally sticker Ideas. I never got around to making them hopefully I’ll have them done soon.

I was chillin at my home boy Jose’s pad and he asked me to drop something in his sketch book.this is the result .

putting down some new sketches for a trucker hat.

yep I just got these posters in.I designed them on Photoshop.Its just a lil something I put together to promote the Ontario wrestling team,we need to bring our numbers up for a good season next year.

your about to be completely amazed by my new set of paintings.I’m going with a monkey theme and so far the sketches are coming out fresh.

     I was chilling out making beats the other day and I started zoning out  and sketching in my note book. These are the things I came up with. I thought some of the ideas were fresh I might put them together for painting.